My Daily Essential Oils Regime: How I stay healthy, calm and happy every day

Essential oils have become my go-to for daily health optimisation! They are always by my side ready to help me if any kind of mini health emergency comes up! But they are also really powerful for daily support on so many levels.

Here's my daily regime using the most common oils you can find in your Home Essentials kit.



I apply a few drops of On Guard to the bottoms of my feet and then add a drop each of Melaleuca and Oregano to supercharge my immune system and wipe out any bugs that might be lurking! (Take care when using Oregano as it's bloomin' strong and you don't want to get that anywhere near your face, eyes, mouth, etc!)


I apply a drop of Lavender behind each ear and on wrists. I then inhale the residue deeply from cupped hands; at least 3 deep breaths.


I'll pop a drop of Frankincense under my tongue so that it can be absorbed straight into my blood stream without going through my digestive system. This step is arguably the most significant in the whole routine. Frankincense is a powerful support to our bodies, working intelligently and effectively on a cellular level. Almost every single mechanism within the body will be profoundly enhanced by the compounds within Frankincense, especially when used daily.


A drop of Lemon in water to detoxify and alkalise my body.


A few drops of Breathe or Peppermint in the diffuser to keep me alert, clear headed and to support my respiratory system.

If I start to feel any tension in my neck or back (which I always do after sitting at my computer) I rub a few drops of Deep Blue into the sore areas for *instant* pain relief.

I continue to sip Lemon oil in water throughout the day (in a glass bottle, never plastic as it breaks down the phytochemicals and we don't want those leaching into the water!)


I use the same oils as in the morning; On Guard on my feet along with a few drops of Lavender to calm me down and prepare me for sleep.

A few drops of Lavender and Frankincense in the diffuser to help me sleep deeply and repair whilst I do!

Prepare to feel nourished, calm and strong. 



Ellie Seilern