"Purefume" : create your own delicious scent using essential oils

Since starting to work with essential oils around 4 years ago, my body has become completely intolerant to synthetic smells. To the point where if somebody walks past me and reeks of perfume, I feel instantly sick. My absolute worst nightmare is to be seated next to someone in a train or plane who’s drenched in some kind of trendy perfume…. OH my god, I cannot explain to you how ILL I immediately feel!

So the good news is that you can create your own, delicious, tantalising scents using your essential oils. Here are some of my favourites:

Neroli Touch: not only does this subtle and beautiful orange blossom aroma remind me of a late spring evening in southern Spain, but it also has an instant lifting effect on my mood. If you’re feeling irritable and overwhelmed by the people around you, apply some of this behind your ears and you will feel the fug lifting almost immediately. Plus, you will smell delicious. Perfect for spring and summer evenings with your floaty dress.

Jasmine Touch: possibly the best aroma I have ever smelled? Yes, I think I can safely say that Jasmine is the most delicious smelling of ALL the oils. Blends beautifully with any other Flower or Citrus oil, especially with Neroli, Grapefruit or the Passion blend.

Grapefruit: tangy and sweet, perfect for summer evenings. Blends very well with the Passion blend or with any flower oil.

Citrus Bliss: a blend of allllll the yummy and sweet citrus oils. A ready made purefume!

Hope blend: smells like candy! A blend of citrus and vanilla bean. Also a ready made purefume.

My favourite purefume blend: Vetiver, Sandalwood, Immortelle. The intense woody base notes blend so bloomin’ beautifully with the flowers inside Immortelle. Not to mention the insanely high vibrational qualities of the oils within this blend. You can use this in your meditation and beyond, knowing that your energetic body is being strengthened and nurtured while you walk around smelling like a Goddess!