What are essential oils?

Imagine extracting the very essence of a plant and ending up with a pure, liquid elixir. 

Imagine ingesting and absorbing this lifeblood into your own body. Visualise it swirling through your bloodstream and infusing your cells with its unique cocktail of reparative compounds.

I can instinctively feel that my body was designed to work with mother nature in this way.

Simply put, essential oils are the aromatic compounds that live within a plant. Think of them as the plant’s liquid distilled essence with powerhouse properties. They can be obtained in several ways, mainly through steam distillation and cold press expression.

Without even realising it, you are most likely using plants this way already.

Every time you add a slice of lemon to your water, you are intuitively seeking its cleansing citrus essence. Each time you put peppermint leaves into hot water and sip from it, you are looking for that uplifting, tummy settling minty freshness. When you crush fresh lavender between your fingers and inhale deeply (something we do instinctively) you are searching for the rich aroma that you know so well.

But if you want to truly experience the therapeutic qualities of these plants, look to its most potent form: the pure essential oil.

Why essential oils over the plant itself?

  • Essential oils are extremely potent. Just one drop of peppermint oil is equivalent to 28 cups of fresh peppermint tea. You can add a drop to hot water and experience peppermint in a way that I guarantee you have not before.

  • A beautifully convenient way to carry around your personal little remedy kit. Be your own travelling apothecary with just a few bottles in your handbag.

  • Fast acting and effective. Being in liquid form means that essential oils can work very quickly. Inhaling straight from the bottle or cupping your hands around your nose with just a drop can provide immediate effect. Feeling tired? Wild Orange is the most divine smelling pick-me-up known to man.

There are 3 main ways we use essential oils:

  1. Aromatically: we can diffuse them, inhale them from the bottle or even from cupped hands.

  2. Topically: we can apply them directly on to our skin (making sure to dilute some of the stronger oils).

  3. Internally: many of dōTERRA's oils are safe to ingest, making them a powerful and effective remedy.

These oils have become an absolute staple in my life. They have supported me in so many ways, primarily with:

  1. Clearer skin.

  2. Better sleep.

  3. A more resilient body that copes with seasons, changes and everything life throws at her.

  4. Soothing my body when she aches.

I am passionate about teaching as many people as I can about the power of essential oils. They are wildly underrated and many people think of them as simply something to make the house smell nicer. Ha! Well, let me tell you, they can do a HELLUVA lot more than that.

If you'd like to know more about how to create your own collection, I'd love to hear from you.