I’m so glad you’ve landed here.

I’m many things, but I’ll outline here the projects and interests that most light me up for now.

I’m a passionate Wellness Advocate for dōTERRA and a Gold Leader for over 800 people loving + living the essentials oils lifestyle.

I’m absolutely devoted to championing the beautiful business of Network Marketing, specifically the dōTERRA model. I truly feel like it’s one of my Missions on this planet to reframe and rework the way this business can be done. With ease, joy, play and laughter.

I’m lit up to a ridiculous extent by the idea of a simple + clean home, filled with bottles and jars of cold pressed oils, flowers, plants, herbs and - of course - the aroma of essential oils.

I delight in silliness above most other character traits and find this to be gravely undervalued. The instant I witness someone willing to offer themselves up comically for the benefit of group mirth, I’m sold.

My no. 1 top aroma is not an essential oil. It’s the smell of Meeka’s paws. Especially when she’s been snoozing and they’re extra warm.

I was born and raised in London town and have spent at least 30 years fiercely identifying with the relentless and ruthless nature of her as a city. Knowing each pocket inside out, all the nights spent walking the streets alone and feeling safe and feisty, those days are now over. Since meeting my beloved Simon (a Corn) and buying our home by the sea, I have found that all I want is to live full time in our Cornish retreat and spend my days immersed in nature as a top priority. Nothing else feels as important to me as this.

The privilege of being able to earn an abundant + expanding income from my doTERRA business whilst being able to live by the sea, travel and be completely untethered to any one space feels like a giant, crazy bubble of joy that I need to share with as many people as I possibly can. To be able to fulfil the yearning that my Soul never she had has been an ecstatically wonderful and growth filled journey.

I do identify very closely with the role of an '“Ambassador” :: for ways of life, concepts and ideas that I feel strongly drawn to. I love nothing more than to share what I’ve discovered, to inspire others with things that I love and to teach the methods + skills I have learned.