Imagine this:

You're sitting in a circle, on some comfy cushions and blankets, with all your besties around you. In the middle of the circle is a beautiful display of colourful glass bottles of essential oils, crystals, candles and a diffuser emitting the most divine scent of sacred Frankincense oil.

You know that feeling when you suddenly realise you're in for a treat? That this will be one of those evenings where you feel L U S H ? You know you'll be sleeping really well tonight, your soul will be nourished and your heart will be full. And you think to yourself "why don't I do this kind of thing more often? This is such a lovely thing to do with my friends. I feel so cherished and happy". 

I know that feeling so, so well. Because not only have I experienced it many times, but I get to facilitate it for others. And nothing gives me more pleasure than to create this kind of atmosphere for people in need of some serious self care.

The good news is:

You can book me to come to your house and create an evening like this. I will teach you and your friends all about the magic of essential oils; how to use them, when to use them and the science behind why they work so well for such a variety of health needs.

I will curate a workshop based around what people want to learn about, whether it's stress and anxiety, better sleep or general immunity. 

We'll even make a luxurious body oil using some of the most divine smelling oils in my collection! Think Wild Orange, Lavender and Frankincense in a base of organic, cold pressed almond oil. Forget about expensive lotions and potions, you'll leave knowing exactly how to create an elixir of your own that will smell a thousand times more delicious! 

So if that sounds like heaven to you, here's how it works:

  • Pick a date for a workshop. Weekdays work best in my experience, but I'm totally flexible.
  • Invite a group of your besties to join us for the evening, between 5 - 8 people works best.
  • I will bring everything; the oils, my books, some handouts to take home, candles, crystals, singing bowl, accessories.
  • Create a cosy space for us to sit around and together we'll make it look beautiful!
  • Having some herbal tea and simple snacks for everyone is a lovely touch too.
  • There's no charge for the workshop, it's a free event for all. I'm acting as a Wellness Advocate for dōTERRA Essential Oils and if people feel called to explore the oils further, they can do this through me. No obligations. The purpose of the evening is to educate and inspire people to another way of using plant medicine.

So does this sound like the best evening ever? Yup. It does to me!