Firstly, congratulations on discovering the beauties that are essential oils!

Let me tell you, the day that you acquaint yourself with these little bottles of magic is an auspicious day indeed.

So, how do I get some oils?

  • The vast majority of people opt for wholesale membership, which means you get wholesale prices. That's 25% less than retail prices. Along with your membership, you get access to a whole bunch of benefits like monthly freebies and promotions (which are always lush) and you can even get yourself on a really good loyalty club system where you can build up your oils collection slowly, month by month, with a lot of help from doTERRA in the form of points back on every order and free oils. It is *genuinely* amazing what they do to help you create your own stash.

What are the next steps?

So there are a couple of ways to become a member: 

  1. You can either pay £20 for a wholesale membership and then pick and choose individual oils to start with.

  2. Or you can start off with a kit, which has the wholesale membership included. The vast majority of people choose to kick off with a kit, simply because of how much better value it is. You get wholesale membership for free AND you get a bunch of oils at a much lower price. There's a kit for every budget, have a browse here.

Once you know what you want, head over to www.mydoterra.com/ellieseilern and click JOIN + SAVE. Choose your country, select Wholesale Customer and follow the prompts to set up an account.

* Remember, all the kits include wholesale membership, so you'll automatically get that 25% off all the oils going forwards *

What are the best kits to start with?

Far and away, the most popular enrolment kit is The Home Essentials Kit. 

This kit contains the top 10 oils for your household and covers all the important areas of your health:

  • Immune Support

  • Better Sleep

  • Pain Relief

  • Better Digestion

I started with this kit and absolutely fell in love with the oils! You've got all the bases covered and you get a diffuser along with it. Plus, it contains a 15ml bottle of Frankincense oil which, on its own, would cost £57. So in terms of value for money and covering every health need, this is it.

But there are a whole bunch of different kits to choose from, so click here to have a browse!

How will I know how to use them?

That's what I'm here for! And that's the whole point of membership. You don't just get the wholesale prices, you get mentorship from a whole host of gorgeous women all sharing our love and knowledge about the oils. You can join our Facebook tribe Spirited Essentials and you can call me anytime to ask questions. There are a range of resources I recommend diving into, like the Modern Essentials book, The Essential Life book and the Modern Essentials app for your phone. You don't need to be an expert in using the oils, you just need to grab yourself a couple of reference tools so that you can look up what you need to use when something comes up! Simple.

How do I do this as a job? Like you?!

Ah! I'm thrilled you're asking! Ok, for more details have a look at this page