I have the great privilege of working with a collection of Quantum Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls, through which one can experience a powerful healing experience.

Sound Healing works on a myriad of ways on and within the body. Our physical bodies are interwoven with a complex vibrational fractal structure. Every organ resonates at a particular frequency, each interacting with each other in a perfect resonance of harmony. When this pattern is interrupted, or a blockage forms (always initiating in the etheric body first) this disturbs the vibrational field and that particular organ, for example, will cease to be in resonant harmony with the rest of our body. This can result in dis-ease and us no longer being in a state of homeostasis. We become unbalanced in the most subtle yet profound of ways.

The bowls, when played, produce radiant healing sounds that can be directed with laser-like intention to work on specific areas of the body or used to cut away etheric disharmony, dis-ease or blocked energy. Each and every bowl is unique and contains within it a complex set of activation codings that work on the quantum field. As time goes by and I learn more about each one of the bowls within my collection, I become ever more humble at the miraculous workings of the metaphysical space and time in which we live and the connection between our bodies at a cellular level and the great Cosmos around us. I truly believe the bowls to be a bridge between the two.

What to expect in a Sound Bath with me:

Utter bliss and relaxation! You will lie back on blankets and pillows and simply RECEIVE. I may ask you to set an intention for the healing, aside from that you will simply allow your body to receive at its deepest level and to integrate the vibratory healing that will surround you. The melodic beauty of the tones will surround you and you may well fall into a state of conscious sleep. Afterwards, you may notice your body responding to the healing. I advise you to drink a lot of water or herbal tea to help flush away anything the body wishes to discard. Sleep and rest are integral in the days afterwards. Be kind to yourself and carve out quiet time to help integrate.