The DoTERRA Difference Part 1 :: Cō-Impact Sourcing® & Healing Hands

What makes DoTERRA different to other essential oils companies? Their supply chain and their charitable work. They have pioneered a completely new sourcing model that has taken the business world by storm, showing the planet that it’s possible to be ethical AND profitable.

When doTERRA looks for sourcing partnerships, we deliberately choose locations where we can improve the individual, social, economic, and environmental well-being, while producing the highest quality essential oils.

As many of our essential oils grow best in developing countries, doTERRA is in a unique position to build and support ethical supply chains that benefit rural communities in need.

Often, experienced essential oil farmers, harvesters, growers, and distillers in underdeveloped areas are paid unfairly or taken advantage of, limiting their ability to escape poverty. Co-Impact Sourcing provides the tools needed to help lift these families and communities out of poverty and promote economic development. doTERRA adheres to additional Sourcing Guiding Principles when working in developing nations.

The DoTERRA difference Part 2 :: The Oils

From day one doTERRA’s mission was to source the purest and most potent essential oils on the planet. With rigorous third party batch testing, DoTERRA has pioneered a new level of transparency within the essential oils industry.

Most people are already familiar with the concept of responsible sourcing: farming practises, harvesting techniques, the absence of pesticides, zero adulteration, etc. But there is another, highly important factor that doTERRA considers when selecting their oils - and that is the richness and diversity of the chemical profiles of each essential oil. What I never knew is that you can have the most beautiful patch on which you grow organically produced lavender, bio-dynamically and lovingly, but your resulting essential oil is only as effective as its chemical profile. And this depends on a myriad of different factors; geographical location, soil quality, climate and other finely tuned alchemical aspects of Mother Nature. And doTERRA have, since day one, sought the richest and most intense chemical profiles for each plant. And, for me, this sets them apart from any other essential oil company. 

Growers : While others in the essential oil industry cut corners during the planting, growing, and harvesting process, or even try to “extend” pure oils by adding less expensive ingredients, doTERRA is uncompromisingly selective.

Sourcing Where Plants Thrive Most :In order to work with committed partners and to ensure the best growing conditions, doTERRA sources essential oils from across the globe. With an ever-expanding product line that includes over 100 different essential oils sourced from over 40 nations, doTERRA truly offers Earth’s best gifts.

While the temptation for a company as large as doTERRA may be to buy large plots of land and mass produce oils, doTERRA places great value on the expert knowledge of local farmers—many of whom have nurtured essential oil plants for generations. doTERRA recruits their expertise into a Global Botanical Network and, in so doing, responsibly supports thousands of jobs around the world.

doTERRA’s extensive sourcing partnerships empower doTERRA to produce exclusive, proprietary oils and blends that preserve the purity and potency of each plant. Ninety-six percent of doTERRA single oils and oil blends are exclusive, ensuring that essential oil users receive a product that is truly special and sweet.

The DoTERRA Difference Part 3 :: The Business Model

What makes DoTERRA’s direct selling model so radically different from other companies? Why their business model allows us to create a life long, sustainable residual income in a far more ethical and integrity driven way than most other companies out there.

Probably my favourite subject to riff on of all time (anyone who knows me knows I’m a passionate advocate for this business model when done correctly!) I believe it’s part of my Mission on this Earth to reframe how this business can exist in our world today. Whether you’re turned on by the nuts + bolts (logistics) of how this works or whether you’re someone who’s searching for the most ethical company to work with, this is your JAM.